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I spent nearly 10 years in the United States military. When I got out of the military I wanted to be a teacher. I realized that my passion was for helping people and I wanted to help young people find their way in the world. Once I saw how little teachers were paid I had to re-evaluate my personal game plan.

I took a job in the federal government where I got to use the knowledge and experience I received while in the military and I also got to teach other security personnel about the terrorist threats around the world.

I also pursued several side businesses and hobbies in my free time. Some of those ventures were lucrative and some were losses but in all cases I learned a ton about the business world, and even more about myself.

I created bigger than blogging so that I could share what I learned over the past ten years. It’s easy to follow and full of simple and practical advice. I truly believe everyone has the potential for greatness. It just takes courage and hard work to achieve your dreams. So if you want to turn your passion into profits this is the website for you.