How To Choose A Name For Your Website

     Choosing a good name for your venture and your website is important. You want to pick a name that simple, relevant and memorable. Your customers should easily recall your business when they want to fill a particular need. If you already know the name of your business then please skip ahead to the next chapter. If you are not sure of a name then follow the steps below. This first thing I want you to do is to write down a list of keywords for your topic. I’m going to use my basketball idea as an example

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 2.59.08 AM.png

Next, you want to pair up your keys words with a combination word or words. These words can go before or after your key words. Have some fun pairing up the combo words with your keywords and then make a list of 5-10 combinations that catch your eye. Alliteration tends to work even better, so try to get two or three words with the same first letter. You can also match two or more words from your list together to make another combination.

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Now here comes the hard part, checking to see if the names you came up with are actually available for a website. Your domain name should be the same or close to the name of your business. It’s ok if they are slightly different because original domain names are hard to get.  A domain name is just the name of your website, such as “”. I recommend only using “.com” domains but you can use other domains if you choose.

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I go to and enter into their search engine the names I came up with and add “.com” at the end. There are two possible outcomes when you perform a domain search. It’s either available for purchase or its taken. If it is taken there are brokerage services that can help you acquire that particular name but keep in mind that it could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

If you are really set on a particular domain name for your website you can add short words to the beginning or end of the name. So if “” is not available, then “” might be.


Jay Brown